Area Rug Cleaning Service

At DAVES CARPET CLEANING We offer an array of rug cleaning methods each one of which is advertised through rug manufacturers as the most secure method to clean their specific rug kind.

We cleaning technicians have received rigorous instruction in cleaning different kinds of area rugs that range from ordinary wool rugs to antique oriental rugs. Oriental rug cleaning as well as Persian rug cleaning require an extreme level of skill and precision. This cleaning process requires an intricate equilibrium of pH solutions, and is best done by true experts.

Oriental rug cleaning experts at DAVES CARPET CLEANING recognize and appreciate that you’ve invested in these precious pieces of art. We are able to promise you that we’ll treat them as carefully as we would treat our own.

For the vast majority of carpet and rugs We recommend rug steam cleaning that is one of the most efficient cleaning methods available today as well as that it’s completely green cleaning since it utilizes hot water as the cleaning solution.

With our powerful truck-mounted cleaning machines, the steamy water flows into the carpet’s fibers and agitates dust mites, dirt and other debris. loose. All of it is taken away with powerful vacuums (The outcome is an extremely clean carpet and one in which there isn’t a need to worry about any cleaning residue left behind by the solution).

Persian & Oriental Carpets Stain Remover

The removal of stain marks for area rugs is as precise a procedure as can be the general cleaning to area rugs. We offer a range of cleaning solutions specifically for every kind of stain that can be found on various rug kinds.

Certain rugs require certain rugs that require dry cleaning specifically, like silk rugs as well as other rug kinds can withstand the influx of liquid. While you might be worried that dropping your coffee mug, or the track of grease in the garage have ruined the area rug for the garbage can, we’ll use our experience to eliminate the stain as completely as possible. (It is best to tackle any stain as fast as you can. calling an expert is the best choice).

The standard carpet cleaners don’t work with various types of rugs and some won’t work. At DAVES CARPET CLEANING We have tried and tested methods of eliminating a wide variety of stains that are present in many kinds of carpeting and rugs.

However, given all the coupons that you get in the mail, for free professional rug cleaning One would believe that anyone can set up an organization and provide “professional” rug cleaning services.

The distinction occurs when you realize they only provide one kind of cleaning regardless of the kind of rug you own.

If you’re looking for rug cleaning and repair, contact DAVES CARPET CLEANING to know more about the way we can fulfill your requirements. If you’re looking for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning or cleaning for your old oriental rugs We will amaze you with the results we deliver.

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