With more than fifteen years experience within the cleaning industry , our standing has grown and grew.

We owe everything to you, our customers. Through the years, we have had tens of thousands satisfied, happy customers. How do we do it? Simple, we are devoted to every single customer. We will never let go of any stain, and we educate only the finest staff.

The Most Valued Offer You Can Find

At DAVES CARPET CLEANING we pay attention not only to the work on the table, but also pay particular attention to fair and affordable pricing. If you’ve been offered a price from one of our rivals and would like to get a better price, just call us and contact us at.

Qualified Cleaning Technicians

Our technicians receive training at our headquarters in the nation and there we conduct thorough background checks to ensure we have only the most honest employees.

Our company offers a two-month long course of training, in which our employees learn they can clean any surface and learn how to treat customers in the Daves Carpet Cleaning way.

High Tech Truck Mounted Tech Technology

Utilizing only the most sophisticated high-teaching cleaning trucks, we’re capable of achieving two objectives first, the cleaning times are significantly shorter and we are able to price them at a lower price. The second reason is that our cleaning procedure is more thorough and thorough. We clean more efficiently and speedier because of our equipment.

The Green Cleaning only – You Most Significant Benefit

We have a reciprocal benefit agreement with a variety of green cleaning products that are manufactured from the US to only use their products we have developed in conjunction. Our rigorous guidelines regarding how we use our cleaning products has earned us a reputation for excellence. After our experts have completed the cleaning session, you’ll be amazed by how clean your home can be without the use of harmful substances. With our Green policy, your family can breathe easier and have a healthier atmosphere.


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